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Hello, Kamusta. My name is Eldrich and I am 8 years old.  Also, I am Filipino but I was born in New Zealand. I have a younger brother called Ezekiel and an older sister called Francesca.

I go to Saint Patrick's School. I am in Room 6 and I am in year 4.

 At Saint Patrick's, I really like to do math especially division. During lunch breaks, I like to hangout with my friends and eat my lunch with them and play outdoor games. At school I really enjoy Art because I love drawing characters from my favourite animated cartoon shows. 

My favourite thing to do at home is to go on my device and watch Bob Ross on Twitch or play my Spider man game on my console. My favourite food to eat is Kentucky Fried Chicken with the yummy tomato sauce and the crispy, salty chips on the side.  My goal to achieve is being an artist, like Bob Ross.


Chicks in Room 6

For the last two weeks Room 6 has been lucky enough to have chicks in the classroom. They came as eggs and were put into a warm incubator before they hatched. When we saw them hatch it was so cute! They were regaining energy and on the third day WE GOT TO HOLD THEM!!! It felt weird because the feet were scratchy and they were pecking me. We had to keep them safe by not squeezing them too much or letting them fall.

They grew a bit bigger over time. and all the other children in the school got to see them too. On the last day it was so sad that the chicks had to go and three people were crying. 

Patrick’s journey

Room 1’s job was to get Patrick home but first he head to get the key from the bank.              
Patrick had to turn right ang get the key from the bank.  He then had to turn left and go past the flag. Patrick walked straight ahead and walked around the tree.  Lastly, Patrick turned right and headed towards his house.  We had to make sure we added his footprints and arrows to show direction

All about me

My name is Eldrich. And I am 7 years old. I live with my Mum and my Dad. I like to read interesting stuff but I don’t like clowns. When I grow up I wish to be a pup peteer.  I like to be grouped with my friends I like to play with them during morning tea and lunchtime.

How Volcano Works?

In Room 2 we are interested to learn how volcano works. 
When the volcano is fully charged it is ready to erupt. Then the lava spills down the sides of the mountains like a river. It destroys everything on its way. When the lava cools down it turns into rocks. The glowing ash clouds shoot into the air. The atmosphere gets warmer. The ice melts and flows into the sea. The sea rises and the flat islands disappear into the ocean. 
                                            By Eldrich

Why Littering At the Beach is Bad?

Learning Goal: We are learning to write a persuasive text.
Success criteria: I know I can do this when I can express my point of view and support it with evidence. 

I believe that littering at the beach is horrible because when you leave old fishing nets in the sea the turtles will get tangled in it and they will die. The plastic bags are nasty because it gets stuck over the heads of the turtles and other sea creatures. They suffocate and they will drown. 
I suggest that people should respect the beach by taking their rubbish  home.
                                                                By Eldrich  

The Shark and The Small Fish

Learning GoalI am learning to write a narrative text.
Success criteria: I can do this when I have
  •  a Title
  • Beginning: Who is the story about?
  • Middle: describe the problem and the solution
  • End: What happened at the end?
Once there lived  a fish and a shark in the the blue ocean. 
One day the shark trapped in a fishing net. The shark wriggled and wriggled. He could not get out of the net. Help! Help ! let me out!. The small fish came to rescue him. He nibbled right through the net.
The shark said, Freedom is mine. The fish saved me!
                                                  By Eldrich

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